36th Annual North American Symposium on Bat Research


NASBR Guidelines: 2006 Student Awards Competitions

Platform and Poster Presentations


 Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to present the results of their research in the platform or poster competitions at the 36th Annual Meeting of NASBR at Wilmington. Students must be the principle investigator on the research and listed as first author. Papers and posters will be judged on their scientific merits and clarity of presentation. To enter the student awards competitions, students must indicate their desire to participate when they register by checking the appropriate box on the registration form.

 A student may enter a platform paper in the student awards competition one (1) time during a given candidacy for a degree program (once as a bachelorís degree candidate, once as a Masterís degree candidate, and once as Ph.D. candidate).†† Similarly, a student may enter a poster for student awards competition one (1) time during a given degree candidacy.

 Adherence to the one time per degree policy is by honor system.† Students entering competition must sign a statement on the registration form indicating that they have not entered a prior competition under the current degree program.

 Students must enter awards competition before the abstract deadline, 15 September 2006.†† Late entries will not be accepted.

 Awards will be presented to the winners at the Saturday evening banquet (21 October).† All students entering the competition are urged to purchase banquet tickets and be present at the banquet.

 The competition is adjudicated by a panel of anonymous judges and all decisions of the judges are final.† The forms used by the judges for evaluating presentations are available on the meetings website. Students entering the competition are encouraged to review the evaluation forms as they prepare their presentations.


Compiled and reviewed by NASBR officers and representatives 27 June 2006




Student Awards


There are six awards given each year for outstanding student presentations.† Awards include a cash prize and a certificate.† Previous award winners are listed in summary reports in the conference summaries on the Symposiumís home page: www.nasbr.org.

Winners are announced at the closing banquet that concludes the annual conference.† Judging forms used to evaluate awards can be seen here.


Platform presentation awards:

†††† Bat Conservation International Award

Bat Research News Award

Karl F. Koopman Award

Lubee Bat Conservancy Award


Poster presentation awards:

Basically Bats Wildlife Conservation Society Award

Speleobooks Award
























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