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Tour: Family Tour of Bamberger Ranch Preserve

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$150 for adults, $75 for kids Sat Aug 6 (min 20, max 40) Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve is a 5,500-acre ranch in Blanco County that has been restored to its natural habitat. Participants will tour a restored native landscape and experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. With lush restored native grassland savannah, Selah has fantastic biodiversity, from woody plants, succulents, forbs and grasses to birds, bees, and of course...bats! The Bamberger Ranch Preserve is home to the world's first artificial bat cave, known as the Chiroptorium! Participants will enjoy the emergence of tens of thousands Mexican Free-Tailed Bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) and Cave Myotis (Myotis velifer). Bring the whole family! Thousands of school kids visit Selah every year, and there is lots for kids to see and do. Preserve staff will tailor interpretation of the highlights of the tour to be kid-oriented. A visit to see the dinosaur tracks is always a big hit! Enjoy dinner in the Hill Country (provided) then watch the bat emergence before returning to Austin. Pickup and dropoff at conference hotel Note: Our online vendor system does not provide us the flexibility to charge adult and child rates separately. If you are signing up with kids, please email conference@ibrc.org after registering and we will reimburse you the appropriate amount. Full details at www.ibrc.org/excursions

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