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Tour: The Bats of Calakmul, Mexico

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$1250 (flights not included) Aug 13 – Aug 17 (min 15 max 20) Embark on a journey across the largest rainforest in America north of the Amazon to meet some of the rarest bats of the continent, see millions of bats erupt from the aptly named Volcán de los Murciélagos (Bat Volcano), and birdwatch while exploring beautiful Mayan ruins and caves deep within the jungle. Experience the Yucatán Peninsula’s world-famous food, buy its artisans’ expertly made handcrafts, and relax by a unique ecosystem at Bacalar, the Seven-Coloured Lagoon, also featuring the Spanish fortress that defended it against Belizean pirates. This tour includes multiple days of mist-netting for bats. Full details at www.ibrc.org/excursions

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