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Tour: Magic and Batty Hidalgo, Mexico

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$1600 (flights not included) Aug 13 – Aug 18 (min 12 max 16) Travelers will be amazed by the traditions, landscapes, cuisine, and diversity of bats that can be found in Hidalgo, a Mexican state located in the central region of the country. Hidalgo is known for its “Pueblos mágicos” (magic towns), places recognized for their beautiful architecture and traditions. During this week, our visitors will visit some of these magical places, as well as walk through traditional Agave plantations, the origin of one of the most popular products from Mexico, Pulque, and learn about its production. They will also see a natural geyser, and swim in the pools next to it. Eat typical food from the region, and buy some handcraft in the local markets. And, the main attraction, visit caves, and forested areas to meet Mexican bat species. Nectar bats, insectivorous and frugivorous bats would be present during this trip. This tour includes multiple nights of mist-netting for bats. Pickup and dropoff at Mexico City International Airport Full details at www.ibrc.org/excursions

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