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Tour: Bats at the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala

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$1740 (flights not included) Aug 13 – Aug 18 (min 15, max 20) Embark on an adventure through the Mayan highlands of Guatemala, dare to discover its beautiful people, the amazing landscapes and its delicious food. Our first stop is the beautiful colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, where we will visit cobbled streets, ruins, the jade, coffee and chocolate museums and enjoy its unique landscapes and architecture. Our next stop is Atitlan, a marvelous lake surrounded by volcanoes which Alexander von Humboldt, Aldous Huxley and many others called "the most beautiful lake in the world". It is time to visit the lovely Mayan towns around the lake and dive into their culture, cosmovision and amazing landscapes. As a big highlight, Mayans considered that bats are sacred and we are going to explore their vision throughs its stories and weaves. And if that was not enough, both, Antigua Guatemala and Atitlan are bat biologist paradise, harboring a high number of species. This tour includes multiple nights of mist-netting for bats. Pickup and dropoff at Guatemala International Airport Full details at www.ibrc.org/excursions

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