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Tour: Bats of the Gulf of Mexico (Veracruz, Mexico)

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$1300 (flights not included) Aug 13 – Aug 18 (min 10, max 16) Come and swim at the Gulf of Mexico, seeing tropical fishes and coral reefs, take a tour to one of the most important archeological sites in Mexico, visit the first European settlement in continental America, one of the main ports in the world, and meet some Mexican bat species. This tour would take you to traditional places to meet in Veracruz, a Cosmopolitan state in which, in short distances, you would experience montane cloud forests, tropical forests, and beach dunes. It also harbors a big diversity of bat species. This tour includes multiple days of mist-netting for bats. Pickup and dropoff at Veracruz International Airport Full details at www.ibrc.org/excursions

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