2019 Student Award Recipients

Oral Presentations

Alexander Grimaudo

Host and Environment Interact to Drive Colony Persistence of Myotis lucifugus Impacted by White-nose Syndrome

Bat Research News Award – Presented by Burton Lim

Iroro Tanshi

Competitors Versus Filters: Drivers of Non-random Structure in Forest Interior Insectivorous Bat Assemblages along Elevational Gradients

Karl F. Koopman Award – Presented by Heather York

Emma Kunkel

Partial Migration in Mexican Free-tailed Bats: Ecology and Bioenergetics of Winter Residents

Bat Conservation International Award – Presented by Gerald Carter

Luis Víquez-R

Gotta Catch‘Em All! Using PNA-DNA Clamps to Increase Microbiome Read Numbers in a Diet Specialist

Luis F. Bacardi Bat Conservation Award – Presented by Liam McGuire

Timothy Divoll

Flexibility of Prey Size Selection in Sympatric Forest Bats (Myotis) Facilitates Dietary Overlap

Titley Scientific Award – Presented by Nate Fuller

Poster Presentations

Derek Krueger

Observing Social Behaviors of Eptesicus fuscus within the Roost

Batgoods Award – Presented by Maria Sagot

Juan Moreira-Hernández

Using Prepared Nectarivorous Bat Specimens for Pollination Studies: An Example with Bat-pollinated Burmeistera (Campanulaceae) from Ecuador

Basically Bats-Wildlife Conservation Society Award – Presented by Dana Green

Brooke Daly

Sex Ratios of Big Brown Bats in Michigan over a 10-year Period

White-nose Syndrome Research award – Presented by Joy O’Keefe

Alexander Morris

Kinematic Comparison of the Recovery Maneuvers between Two Bat Species

Avinet Award - Presented by Alexis Brown (accepted by Sharon Swartz)

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