Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the governing board of Society and reviews and establishes policies and procedures. To conduct the business of the society, the Board meets throughout the year remotely and annually in-person at each NASBR symposium. Responsibilities can be found in the Board of Directors Guide.

Members do NOT need to be on the Board of Directors to serve on one of these committees: (1) Auction; (2) Awards; (3) Bernado Villa Award Subcommittee; (4) Education and Outreach; (5) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; (6) Nominations; (7) Policy and Public Relations; (8) Spallanzani Award; and (9) Sponsorship. To join, contact the Chair of the Committee (listed below).

2022 Board Members

Elected Board Members

Leanne Burns
Bat Biologist & Consultant
Auction Chair; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Sponsorship

Gerald Carter
The Ohio State University
Webmaster; Nominations Chair; Education & Outreach; Policy & Public Relations

Nate Fuller
Texas Tech University
Secretary; Auction, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Sponsorship

Burton Lim
Royal Ontario Museum
Board Chair; Miller Award Chair; Kunz Award Chair; Finance

Liam McGuire
University of Waterloo
Finance Chair; Policy and Public Relations Chair

Joy O'Keefe
Indiana State University
Sponsorship Chair; Awards 

Maria Sagot
State University of New York at Oswego
Spallanzani Chair; Sponsorship; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sharlene Santana
University of Washington
Awards Chair; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Kunz Award

Heather York
Buena Vista University
Education and Outreach Chair; ; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair; Awards

Elected Student Representatives

Dana Green
University of Regina
Student Representative 2019-2021

Javier Gabriel
Universidad Veracruzana/ UNAM

Student Representative 2021-2023

Appointed by the Board

Riley Bernard
Pennsylvania State University
Associate Program Director

Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ombudsperson, Former Chair

Gary Kwiecinski
University of Scranton
Program Director; Finance

DeeAnn Reeder
Bucknell University

Luis Víquez
University of Ulm
Associate Program Director

Emma Wilcox
University of Tennessee
Associate Program Director; 2017 Co-host

Terry Zinn
University of Florida Levin College of Law

Local Hosts

Angie McIntire
Arizona Game and Fish
2021 Local Host

Marianne Moore
Arizona State University
2021 Local Host

Liam McGuire
University of Waterloo
2022 Local Host

Tigga with a little friend in Kenya

Tigga Kingston
Texas Tech University
2022 Local Host

Craig Willis | The Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship | The University of Winnipeg

Craig Willis
University of Winnipeg
2023 Local Host


Award: Anna Dotty
Auction: Mark Brigham
Bernardo Villa: Jorge Ortega Reyes
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Jorge Ortega Reyes, Amy Russell, Riley Bernard, Alyson Brokaw
Education and Outreach: Ashley Wilson, Dave Johnston, Aja Sherman, Veronica Brown
Gerritt Miller Award: All past winners
Nominations: Deanna Byrnes and Allen Kurta
Spallanzani: Tigga Kingston, Paul Racey, Craig Willis, Angelo Soto-Centeno, Mark Brigham
Sponsorship: Michael Fishman
Kunz Award: Winifred Frick, Gary McCracken

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