Gerrit S. Miller Jr. Award

This award is presented occasionally at the annual North American Symposium on Bat Research to persons in recognition of outstanding service and contribution to the field of chiropteran biology. The award is named after Gerrit S. Miller, Jr., an outstanding early twentieth century bat biologist at the Smithsonian Institution. Miller's work on the evolutionary relationships of chiropteran families and genera to one another still strongly influences taxonomic thinking about bats today.

Sharon Swartz
Brown University
2016 - NASBR 46 - San Antonio, TX

Dr. Sharon M. Swartz is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and in the School of Engineering at Brown University. She received a BA from Oberlin College in 1981, a MS and a PhD in Evolutionary Biology from The University of Chicago in 1985 and 1988 respectively. She moved to Brown in 1990 where she was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2010. She, her students and post docs have a strong record of presentations at NASBR about the biomechanics of flight. Since 1987, she has been an author on over 60 papers, mostly dealing with the flight of bats, but also including fascinating work on the mechanics of tongue operation in Glossophaga soricina. She leads a group of biologists and engineers who consistently present us with a different perspective about the operations of bats. It is significant that undergraduate students often are co-authors on her published papers and other contributions. Her presentations are clear and effective. She has a great talent for making biomechanics readily accessible to non-specialist audiences. She also takes pains to involve members of her laboratory in these exercises, whether locally or abroad. In the field, she works well with others whether colleagues or students. She sets high standards for herself and for others and establishes a positive, stimulating and supportive environment. In addition to her role as a researcher and supervisor of student research, Sharon has contributed strongly to the teaching function of the university as well. In 2013 she received the Distinguished Alumni Service Award from the University of Chicago and in 2012 she was a featured researcher in the Air Force Office of Scientific Research 60th anniversary video. NASBR was proud to award her the 2016 Gerrit S. Miller Jr. Award.

Betsy Dumont
Amherst University
2014 - NASBR 44 - Albany, NY

James Simmons
Brown University
2013 - NASBR 43 - San Jose, CR

Elizabeth Kalko
University of Ulm
Awarded posthumously 2011 - NASBR 41 - Toronto, ON

Gareth Jones
University of Bristol
2011 - NASBR 41 - Toronto, ON

Wieslaw Bogdanowicz
Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS, Poland
2010 - NASBR 40 - Denver, CO

Robert J. Baker
Texas Tech University
2009 - NASBR 39 - Portland, OR

Nancy Simmons
American Museum of Natural History
2008 - NASBR 38 - Scranton, PA

R. Mark Brigham
University of Regina
2006 - NASBR 36 - Wilmington, NC

Rodrigo Medellin
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México
2004 - NASBR 34 - Salt Lake City, UT

Robert M. R. Barclay
2002 - NASBR 32 - Burlington, VT

Patricia W. Freeman
University of Nebraska
2001 - NASBR 31 - Victoria, BC

Theodore H. Fleming
University of Miama
1999 - NASBR 29 - Madison, WI

Gary F. McCracken
University of Tennessee
1997 - NASBR 27 - Tuscon, AZ

Paul A. Racey
University of Aberdeen
1995 - NASBR 25 - Boston, MA

Don. E. Wilson
National Museum of Natural History
1992 - NASBR 22 - Sherbrooke, QC

Bernardo Villa-Ramirez
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México
1990 - NASBR 20 - Lincoln, NE

Merlin D. Tuttle
Bat Conservation International
1986 - NASBR 16 - Amherst, MA

Harold B. Hitchcock
Middlebury College
1986 - NASBR 16 - Amherst, MA

Thomas H. Kunz
Boston University
1984 - NASBR 15 - Rockford, IL

M. Brock Fenton
Carleton University
1982 - NASBR 13 - Louisville, KY

William A. Wimsatt

Cornell University
1981 - NASBR 12 - Ithaca, NY

Donald R. Griffin
Rockefeller University
1979 - NASBR 10 - St. Louis, MO

Karl F. Koopman
American Museum of Natural History
1977 - NASBR 8 - Ottawa, ON

G. Roy Horst
State University of New York, Potsdam
1977 - NASBR 8 - Ottawa, ON

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