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HostS: Jorge Ortega, Cristina MacSwiney, and Rodrigo Medellin

Dates: October 23-26, 2024

Venue: Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara, Jalisco

The 52st Annual North American Symposium for Bat Research will be held in Guadalajara (Jalisco), at The Hard Rock Hotel in Zapopan.  Nestled in the heart of Mexico, Guadalajara enchants visitors with its vibrant blend of rich history, captivating culture, and modern energy. Known as the "Pearl of the West," this enchanting city exudes a unique charm that embraces both tradition and progress. Explore the bustling streets adorned with colonial architecture, marvel at the intricate artwork in the majestic churches, or immerse yourself in the lively Mariachi music that fills the air. Guadalajara is also a culinary paradise, enticing food enthusiasts with its mouthwatering tacos, spicy salsas, and world-renowned tequila. With its warm hospitality and captivating attractions, Guadalajara invites you to discover the essence of Mexico.

While in Jalisco, do not miss the chance to visit and learn about the tequila production and its intrinsic relationship with bats. Bats and tequila share a fascinating symbiotic relationship in the agave fields of Mexico. Bats, play a vital role as pollinators for the agave plant, which is used to produce tequila. As these bats feed on the agave nectar, they inadvertently transfer pollen from one plant to another, ensuring the plant's reproduction. In return, the agave provides a crucial food source for the bats. This intricate interaction highlights the ecological significance of bats in sustaining the tequila industry while emphasizing the importance of preserving their habitats for mutual benefit. Wanna learn some cool facts about Guadalajara? Follow this link

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 Aug 31, 2024

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