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G. Roy Horst Award

Established in 2014, The G. Roy Horst Award for distinguished service to the North American Society for Bat Research recognizes and celebrates exemplary service to the society. The Distinguished Service Award, or G. Roy Horst Award, is given for significant and consistent contributions to the Society. This NASBR award is named in honor of G. Roy Horst, the sole Program Director and meeting organizer for the first 25 years of the society. Roy convened the First Southwestern Symposium on Bat Research in Tucson Arizona in 1970. The annual bat meeting’s name was changed in San Diego, 1972, to the North American Symposium on Bat Research. Roy retired as Program Director after NASBR 25, Boston, but came back as a Program Director for NASBR 38 and 39, while NASBR was reorganizing and rewriting its constitution to become an official society. The North American Symposium on Bat Research became the North American Society for Bat Research in 2010. Roy passed away on December 31, 2023 at the age of 90 (obituary). Nominations for this award should be submitted to the Chair of the NASBR Board.



DeeAnn has served as a dutiful and unwavering Treasurer for NASBR since 2009. Past and ongoing tasks she has performed include establishing an accounting and financial system for NASBR; management of incoming monies from registration and other activities (optional items, donations, etc.); maintaining NASBR bank accounts; maintenance of accounts and records for various funds and awards; filing of NASBR taxes annually, incorporation of NASBR as a Society; on-site financial management (including registration, banquet, auction, and paying local host/NASBR bills); advisory to the Board (e.g., providing key financial advice and societal memory). DeeAnn has also served as sessions chair, symposium organizer, and a mentor to students and post-docs. At the time of DeeAnn’s appointment as Treasurer for NASBR, NASBR was not standing on firm financial footing. DeeAnn developed a system of accounting for NASBR and to make the society financially sustainable. To her credit, DeeAnn has established policies and systems to move NASBR forward financially and as directed by the Board of Directors. She received enthusiastic and unanimous  support from the Board of Directors as the obvious pick for NASBR's service award, and one of the most important members in the history of the society.

Patricia Morton


Pat Morton first hosted the Teacher’s Bat Workshop in 1995 at the annual meeting in Boston, MA. Since then, it has been offered almost every year. Pat’s commitment to the teacher’s workshop is especially impressive given that the nature of her job with Texas Parks and Wildlife means little money is available for travel support, so she generally comes to the meeting to host the workshop relying primarily on her personal funds. Each year, Pat has put incredible effort into networking with the local Board of Education at the site of the meeting to identify teachers that would benefit from participation in the workshop. This can be an onerous and involved task, given that such coordination is often done at a distance and can include dealing with substantial levels of bureaucracy! The presentations that Pat has made year after year at the teacher’s workshop have always been incredibly well organized and clearly involved great efforts of preparation. Further, these presentations have always been enthusiastically received by the teachers in attendance. Finally, Pat has always been able to recruit excellent speakers to provide short presentations during the teachers’ workshop, even if gentle persistence and persuasion was needed.

When looking back over the 45 years that I have been involved with NASBR, there is no one who has made a greater contribution of time, effort, or dedication to equal Pat’s effort. When we began thinking about making some recognition of Pat, our efforts coalesced into a formal award. No one was as pleased as I am that she was our first honoree and I am proud that I was one of those who nominated her. I was extremely pleased when I was asked to make the presentation and was greatly taken aback to find that the award was named in my honor. I was doubly pleased that Pat was the first to receive it. We can hardly do better next time! - G. Roy Horst

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